Our Story

Friends of Brands was founded as the second-only official Influencer Marketing platform in South Africa, where our main business service was operating an online service that matched influencers, i.e. internet personalities with large, credible audiences, with brands/companies that sought such audiences for marketing purposes. In those days, this form of marketing was still in its infancy in South Africa and is still growing.

We have since progressed and expanded our business offerings to include a lead generation company that attracted over 25k leads in 2016 alone. Further, our premium business listings allow both big and small companies platforms to attract potential customers.

To offer an integrated service to our clients, we have built digital agency expertise (both internal and through our Partners). These include the following:

  • Business Environment Research/Mapping (both consumer and competitor)
  • Marketing Analysis and Strategy Development
  • Reporting and Optimisation

Through Our Affiliates

  • Media Buying
  • Creative Development
  • Multimedia Production