CRM and Email Marketing Solutions

No one likes spam, and although companies like AirBnB famously reached critical scale by spamming users on Craigslist, that’s a tactic that rarely brings about the desired results. Spam is just one of the many topics an organisation needs to consider when embarking on email marketing campaigns, and CRMs + database management plays a cardinal role at ensuring that the right communication is received by the right people at the right place and the right time.

Our approach to CRM and Email Marketing is that is should be structured and comprehensive. Mediocrity is when we think of CRM as just sending out emails to people on a database.

We prefer to know the people whom which material is to be communicated to. We prefer to design mailers, SMS and bot communication that speak to each receiver’s needs and wants.

And finally, all of this activity is measured throughout the entire process.

Our experience has consistently outperformed average metrics for this form of communication in all the industries that our Clients are involved in.

CRM Tools that We Use

  • Mailchimp
  • Not only do we use SaaS products for our Clients, but we can also design and build custom CRMs for you as per your organisation’s business needs.

Hopefully we’ve captured your interest right now and that you can already see some of the benefit of CRM and Email Marketing for your Brand.

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