Digital Marketing Analytics and Reporting

Our founders’ academic backgrounds are Computer Science, Economics, Finance and Information Systems from the Universities of Cape Town and Witwatersrand. Thus, analysis and reporting, which are really about numbers and behaviour, were a natural field to focus on. Analysis and Reporting are one of the pillars in everything that we do at Friends of Brands.

We believe that if you don’t measure it, don’t do it!

We conduct analysis prior, during and post campaigns, projects and other activities we do with and for our Clients. We believe that by understanding numbers and the behaviours of humans who interact with Brands’ communications at every possible touchpoint can be employed to achieve better results such as increased efficiencies and effectiveness of material and/or strategies.

Analysis and Reporting Tools

We employ various tools for our analysis and reporting, which include the following:


Adobe Analytics Suite

Google Analytics  360 Suite

IBM Watson Analytics

Tableau Software

Increasingly however, we have been working to introduce our Clients to more advanced uses of our analytics and reporting capabilities. One example is the integration of our tools to develop bespoke reporting dashboards using APIs. Our experience has shown that this drives down time spent on compiling data to turn into meaningful information, which frees more time to do other activities. This is just one example of the increased efficiencies that we can help your organisation with by employing our skills in Analytics + Reporting.

Analytics and Reporting Case Studies

A Case Study on the Impact of Multivariate Testing on a Financial Services Website

Hopefully we’ve captured your interest right now and that you can already see some of the benefit of Analysis and Reporting for your Brand.

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